The Professional Car Mechanic Job Description

As the name suggests, is a professional mechanic who is an expert to solve the problems of cars and vehicles. Must perform a variety of operations, depending on vehicle conditions and the needs and preferences of customers. Some mechanics have their own workshops, while others are used in the production of cars and service centers. A mechanic can work on all aspects of maintenance and troubleshooting, or have an area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise such as brakes, engine, chassis, wheels, transmission and other auto parts.

The Professional  Car Mechanic Job Description

Their main task is to solve problems that are present in the vehicle. They receive service calls from customers whose cars are broken down in the middle of the road. Must take the service truck and move to the position where the client machine is broken. They should discuss with the client on this issue, investigate and find the real cause, and try to solve the problem, and he. If the issue is important and can not be repaired on site, take your car to the end customer vehicle behind the garage.

A mechanic must have a high degree of technical skill to use to diagnose because the main problems in vehicles. You should discuss problems with the owner of the vehicle or car and estimate the cost to repair. Must work with tools and advanced equipment for auto repair. It may also be necessary to use information systems to solve problems.

The repair of damaged vehicles, the management of the additional car is also one of the main tasks and responsibilities. He needs to work on cars that customers receive maintenance and maintenance control. This activity includes as engine oil changes, fine tuning of the engine, fill all fluids, belts review, pipes, fix the brakes, and other activities. Following closely is not a test to ensure that all problems are solved and discover more problems.

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