Features expected from church secretary

Does not work without the cooperation of all the members of the church. However, the church’s secretary, has been taken in the design and implementation of all the work, especially the most important member of the church. They are the ones who the church’s administrative functions, and secretarial tasks such as sorting files and calls, appointments and meetings, etc., the church secretary, received baptism, weddings and funerals communities to establish liability. This is a Secretary of the few, and the works will be shown to significantly increase the size of the church of the popularity and power. How do I learn to become a church secretary and qualified before now discussing a variety of roles.

Features expected from church secretary

A high school diploma, to estimate the minimum qualification for any candidate.
Diploma in secretarial candidate must have previous experience and record keeping is fast, and it’s nice to use a computer to write.
Pastor executive search candidate, each of which is the ability to make right decisions without the advice of trivial.
He has more than one project at a time, can multitask and handle.
If you care about and work for God, to be their own interests. Limp and plead your argument is wrong, especially when it is not possible to avoid work. Always be with the Lord.
You will need your help when the Church, must be prepared to work at weekends and in the afternoon of the last hours.
They have compassion, respect and understanding of the Church’s members are treated so that you can make excellent personal skills, social skills are required. More difficult for people to listen to their problems and help you feel should be given appropriate advice. Hope and Faith
The management of the church and its members are kept secret to protect the personal problems and to keep all of the information is responsible for their characteristic. Finding in respect of the moral responsibility of the Secretary of the Church and its people.

Functions of the Secretary of the Church

Financial responsibility of the church and the church’s administrative record for the amount of money used to route money.
To be taken at meetings, conferences, and to make better decisions.
All meetings, documents, charity, donations, assets and liabilities of the works, the above file.
Set the required places, church attendance or permitted by the internal customs.
Design, Church Bulletin, the Board and the Pastor preached. These reports and publications that they are also responsible. All members of the Church, for a monthly or weekly basis is
Also, examine the web and mail transfer solely of letters and high church officials are required to fax.
Secretariat to organize and chair meetings of the church employees and listen to their views and needs, and accepted.
Members of the church are preserved up to date with the latest changes are a permanent record.
Library of the Church and the Ministry in the administration must be recorded in hard and soft copies. Lost or damaged a number of stored backup data created folder.
Pastor and other prominent members of the support, prayers and offer tips to those seeking help, so that the community, the hospital, marriage counseling, divorce, birth or death, will be notified in all cases.
Recorded in the annual reports of Church authority and recorded for the future.
I asked the secretary for the church to be ready to go. Secretary of the Church, and the honor of working with data.
Child’s baptism, a child of God, a service provided by the Secretary of the future desired by parents, when the child is dedicated to ensure that the certificates are available.
Church and equipment must be maintained, and their participation has been registered correctly.

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