Responsibilities of a Secretary

In the past, its officers, paperwork, etc. However, technical institutions and offices to the role of the state secretaries, the tasks, with the advent of tasks designed to limit the spread of managers. Today, employers prefer candidates with at least a college degree. You can also apply for special courses, training people to register to perform their duties effectively. Secretary of the secretary of the role of different, but the company that all companies are generally the basic profile.


~ Secretary of the Notes and the Notes to the editor, or to implement a far-reaching decision of written work. Save or after you can write dictation and transcription.

~ You can schedule meetings, dates and time running smoothly and to ensure that the tracking. If a reservation is in place, monitor and participate in, a company notebooks, pens, water bottles, glasses, etc., are also the secretary of the work.

~ Communication is often studied by Reporting authority on behalf of the employees and customers of his boss or department administers oral and written communication.

Without the help of the Secretary of the important tasks in troubleshooting difficult situations ~. Prior to that he served as secretary, administrative problems, you are not required to order. Not interfere with the executive

One of the most important tasks of the Secretary of travel arrangements and accommodations ~ Travel and accommodation needs of the employer or the employee is to perform. The foreign travel and hotel there, especially built to properly and carefully. Minutes of travel must be made for the convenience of passengers.

Office organization a lot of fun activities and events ~ Activities and Events Section of the Secretary of attractive, but it is certainly more increase their leadership qualities.

~ Keep a file of the Secretary of foreign representatives, customer visits, openings, new products, activities, events, etc to get the files and documents required

~ Secretary of the timely and accurate delivery of materials management in place, and brings important, and Office Supplies. Mail must be products transportation, track, and monitor effective delivery.

Secretary of calls responded to calls from his owner ~. Cards “while you’re out,” It’s also a list of callers, protects, and transmits signals to your boss or leave messages on his desk.

Greets visitors to take over the management of external relationships of the Secretary ~. It keeps visitors and make them feel comfortable while providing. Reservations are required for dinner or guests can book accommodation.

Manage memberships and subscriptions to various business forums ~ Secretary, organizations, companies, etc., in addition to manage and renew memberships required, you are looking at a number of publications in order to restore power to the report.

~ In warehouse management, office equipment, stationery, office equipment, etc., to keep a tab, and the order made by the new arrangement.

Operations may also take the payroll payroll-related activities of the Secretary ~ in a small company.

~ Keep a Diary Secretary, respectively, to keep a journal of your employer and time bound schedule and keep appointments winning the monitor. At the end of each day, the next day will be scheduled by the commission.

~ Reporting the Secretary of the Department and its functions in the watershed. Provide an accurate description of the Operations Manager, you can section.

This section refers to the ability to help MIS MIS ~ Preparing for assembly.

~ Secretary, writing, editing, and presentations, spreadsheets, letters, e-mails, meeting minutes, reports, routes, etc., should be made about the information sharing

~ Manage the secretary of meetings, planning meetings, and a list of agenda, minutes to perform, and the tasks required to keep track of.

~ Sometimes a small investment to help, financial reports, budgets, plans, etc. to help manufacture standing.

~ Secretary-General administrative work. Occasionally, general office administrative tasks

~ Most of the time such as 5S or small companies, project coordination, special projects assigned to the Secretariat. They also coordinate the rest of the staff of the project’s success.

~ The Secretary bass importance and need to identify all of the long-range order.

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